Saturday, January 10, 2009

Precursor. Ideas. Etc.

Yeah. . .
So I've decided to post my latest story on my blog little by little.
I posted the prelude before I put this info on here. Oops.
On my first attempt at using Corel Draw X4, I made what I'm thinking about making into a cover for the story. It's the female main character, Ayumi, sitting on a rock by the ocean. Looks pretty sweet.

The last time I made a story, what I didn't realize that I was going to hit writers block. Perhaps I jumped the gun. I hope nobody was looking foreward to reading it the whole way, but I plan on re-opening the book to finish sometime in the future.

For now, I think it's best not to do what I did the fist time. I've got myself a wealth of characters that aren't real. While a few may be based upon people I know in real life, they are simply made up. I can take the story anywhere I want without making people angry that I haven't quite made "Them" who they really are.

So far, I've written the whole story, all I've got to do is re-read it all, create pictures if I want, and maybe write in a few things to make sure people know what's going on.
It's been fun writing it, tho it's pretty long, and will only get longer if I decide to write in some side-plots and backstory for some of the interesting characters.

The basic premise for this story is that Vampires and Werewolves are real. They live in harmony with each other as well as they can, just like humans. Some fight, some live in the same towns, and some even fall in love with each other.

Werewolves have packs, much like wolves in the wild, however they are comprised of an elder leader, his mate, and up to 20 werewolves who usually al live together in one home. They can live indefinetly, much like a vampire, and barely age. Before they ever learn that they are a werewolf, however, they are for all intents, human. These people who could potentially be werewolves are called kindred. The only way a kindred can turn into a werewolf is by a sacred ritual putting them into a pack. The pack puts a bit of each of their blood into a grail, and then mixes it with sprigs of wolfsbane, which carries an oil on it that would kill a full werewolf if ingested. The kindred then drinks this concoction while the pack chants. After sleeping the night through, the kindred goes through visions and memories of his ancestors while in the fog of his drugged mind. If he can survive the pain and torture of that, then he turns into a werewolf. If not, he is forever just kindred, and perhaps his offspring may be worthy of pack life.

Vampires are a little different than portrayed by most sources. They can stand a little bit of light, and can act perfectly normal for a while until their blood dries up. Afterwards, they have no more of the chemicals and cells in their blood that cause the "Vampiric" virus left. They wither and turn to dust afterwards. So, Vampires can live among us just fine, so long as they keep being in sunlight to a minimum of an hour or two per day. Vampires at large don't normally like the sun, naturally, because of this detail. More traditional vampires live in covens, to protect each other, and for brotherhood. These covens are often lead by a vampire who has lived for a very long time. The only way to become a vampire is to be sucked completely dry of blood, and then for the vampire to replace the ingested blood with her own. She will remain a vampire as the subjects blood is ingested, however, this person must consciously decide to be a vampire, otherwise they painfully die, and the blood dries out.

The main characters are a young man who is kindred, slowly coming into his own, and a japanese girl who is sired into a vampire coven by a very old vampire who has lived since the 12th century. The old vampire wants to teach her all that he knows, because he fears that another vampire from his past will come to kill him soon.

A large corporation known as United Technologies is developing a supersoldier with genes found in vampire blood, however they cannot create this supersoldier correctly. The end product is a zombie-like creature with nothing but it's need for more blood driving it's movements. United Technologie creates these zombies little-by-little and sometimes a few escape, adding a few wild moments to the story.

The werewolf pack that adopts our male main character, and the vampire coven with our other main character end up joining forces to bring down the big corporation, and stop these attacks.
After much preparation and blahdee blah blah, some of the crew infiltrate United Technologies in preparation to expose this horrendous companies' wrong-doings.

What they find in the corporations never-ending underground laboratory is. . . well. . . to be explained later.

Hope you guys enjoy reading it! I really enjoyed writing it, so feel free to actually get your hopes up for this one. I'll post a new chapter whenever I get around to it.

Thoughts. . . comments. . . ? Feel free to say sumthin' about it.

doodie baaaaalllz!


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