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Chapter 4: Bring the big guns.

“I don’t think our plan will work, D. These guards are too smart. They close the hatch too quickly after sliding in the food. I almost lost my arm this time!” says Ayumi, distraught.

“Well, we’ll have to rethink our options, then. . .” Daniels voice trailed off.
Ayumi notices a grin creep onto his face. “What’s wrong?”

“I was just thinking. If I’m stuck in here for the rest of my life, at least I met you. That makes this bearable, or dare I say . . . enjoyable.” He admits, as his grin turns into a warm smile.

“Oh, stop. You’re making me feel like a schoolgirl. Let’s just get some sleep.”

She walks toward him as he lays back into the bed. A look of surprise shows on his face as she climbs on top with him.

“Let’s just keep our hands above the pants. . . ” she whispers, as she lay next to him.

He manages a quiet laugh as he wraps his arms around her. “I guess this means I don’t have to sleep alone as often.”

“Nope. Not all the time.” She mutters as she cracks a smile.

He pulls the cheap woolen blanket over her shoulder as she nuzzles into his chest. Heavy eyes shut, and sleep creeps upon them, shrouding the night.
Covered by the cloudy night, shadowy figures exit the pest control van as a faint blue light exits the sliding door. Abruptly, the door slides shut, and the group shuffles into the side gates of a large United Technologies facility. As they make their way across the walkway past the helipad, one touches the radio device on his hear.

*Let’s get that camera down, Cass.*

From the other side of the radio

*Already there, the door is open too.*

*Thanks Sis* “The coast is clear, guys, let’s do this.” He whispers.

Opening the door, they split into two groups. One group followed further behind the first group on the way to the choke point.

*We’re at checkpoint 1.*

{Slight static crackles in the background} *I’ve got the security on loop, and the door is clear. Go when you’re ready*

*Alright* “Let’s go Magnus.” He whispers, as a svelte Romani woman pulls the door open.

Egan Ballard tosses in two flash-bang grenades in quick succession after the door opens.

+POW! POW!+ Three voices scream from within’.

“Let’s go!” quietly exclaims Jeane, the Frenchman.

Magnus and Jeane enter the room with zip-ties and gags in hand.

A series of fleshy thuds, and concrete smacks, followed by some muffled taps echo from the doorway.

Magnus pokes his head out of the smoky room. “Coast is clear.”

Hustling their pace, the second group enters the room and takes the lead, as the first hides the bodies in a broom closet.

They reach the last security checkpoint after a long flight of stairs.

*Ze second group ‘as reached za door.* Jeane chirps. *Can we get zat door hacked now, my sweet?*

*Keep you head in the game, loverboy. It’ll be open in a second.*

Gordon shoots Jeane a dirty look.

“What?” Jeanes lips slide into a sly grin.

+Click+ The security panel turns green and beeps.

*Got it!*

*Alright, now you might want to work on a diversion somewhere on the other side of the facility.* Mitzy squeals.

*Good idea. How about I trip one of the motion sensors in the archives?*

*That’ll work!* Dannae exclaims.

The first group catches up with the second, and the open the door to a long, institutional looking hallway. Doors litter the sides all the way down until the end drops out of sight.

“Okay. . . the numbers in this one start out at 100-A, and beside us is the guard post. Jean, Magnus, Dannae. Hit em’ up when Cassie sets the diversion. We’ll hit the cells.” Says Gordon.

*Cass? You ready?* Gordon hits his ear mic.

*Yeah. Get into your positions. The guards will probably come running out afterwards. Be ready on my mark.*

*Alright. We’re ready*

*It’ll hit in three. . . . . . one. . . . . . . . two. . . . . . . . . . three. Mark.*

A loud buzz comes from the alarm system. From within the guard station, a commotion erupts. Shortly after, the door shoots open as two guards jet out.

Magnus clotheslines the second as the first gets a pop to the temple with a gun butt. They both stumble to the ground, knocked out, and are quickly tied and gagged.

Dannae slips behind them into the room and starts searching for the door buzzers.
*Hey, we found the room. Buzz us in when you find the button!*.




The couple is awoken by the facility alarm. Daniel konks his head on the ceiling as he jets up.
Ayumi opens her eyes slowly after being woken up.

“What the hell is that?”

Ayumi says groggily, “It’s the alarm. Maybe someone broke out? Check the door!”

Daniel jumps onto the floor and starts towards the door.

+A muffled voice comes from outside the door as he approaches+

“Hey, we found the room. Buzz us in when you find the button!”

He reaches the small window on the door, and peers out to see a group of strange looking people, dressed to the nines in black gear. One is communicating on a throat mic, as he looks toward the window.

He gives Daniel a wink, as he says, “Hey, are you Daniel? We’re here to rescue Ayumi.”

“Hey Ayumi. Your coven is here!” he says, excitedly.

“What? Jesus. Well clear the door!”


The lock on the door opens, and it swings in.

Gordon enters the room and says “Hey, are you alright, Ayumi?”

“Yeah. They tortured me at first, but when they didn’t get anything out of me, they stopped and left me here to rot. Daniel kept me company. Can we bring him, too?”

“He’s cool?”

“Yeah, even more than you know. I’ll explain later.” Ayumi says.

“Let’s go then. Guys, let’s make a hasty retreat!”

Egan hits his mic. *Hey, let’s beat it, guys. Cass, can you cover our tracks?*

*On it.*

The troupe makes their way out, subdued guards and rescued prisoners in tow.

Out they go, into the van, tossing the guards into the rear. The engine starts up, and they hit the road. Cassie un-loops the security camera feeds, and trips another alarm in a room close to where the first one was.

The guards would think the intruder made their way from room to room, dodging sight, and wonder just how they made five guards and two prisoners disappear.

The team made it out safely, and undetected, thanks to a timid hacker, and a solid plan.
Now, they would make it back to the mansion shortly, and there was much to talk about.

Chapter 3: The best laid plans...

Chapter 3

The cold stone walls of the rock face were covered with moss and vines, surrounded by dense forest and vegetation. On all sides, an eerie silence blankets the crumbling hill.
Unassumingly hidden, a stone door sits beside a small window, peering out into the darkness of the midnight forest. This hidden entrance gives no clue to the wildly different interior of the centuries old underground lair within.

Once inside, one can swear they have leapt back in time into a medieval castle. Walls decorated with gargoyles and other creatures, sconces filled with oil and burning brightly, tapestries chronicling history, and a painted ceiling surround rooms containing lustrous gold and silver decorated furniture carved of fine mahogany. Leather bound books lie within great shelving.
What makes this scene even more unnerving is the modern day technology intertwined into the scenery. Electrical plugs on the walls, a computer on a desk, an iPod on a chair.

Inside the main chamber is a large table with papers strewn about, surrounded by stern faces, and fangs.

The larger chair is filled by Segesvár. His pale skin still seems healthy despite its whitewashed hue. A furrow of his brow leaves his snow-white eyes open, peering into the nether of the room. He is tall and bony, giving a hint at his 500 year lifespan, and seems like a worldly and chivalrous old man. A thick Transylvanian accent gives one a hint at his home land. He is the leader of his coven, and elder to all but the oldest of vampires.

To his left is a homely looking girl in a wheelchair. Cassandra's face was settling and warm, highlighted by soft blue eyes and brown hair tied back loosely. A laptop computer threw light up towards her from the table. She was a hacker, typing lightly as if her dexterous hands were weightless. Her brother beside her glanced towards the screen.

Gordon Hanseel was clearly of saxon-german descent. Dirty blonde hair and blue eyes surrounded by a weathered face showing years of stress that betray his youthful features. He loved his sister, and wanted nothing more than to free her from her wheelchair. Turning her into a vampire was a surprising twist to his internal heart strings. Not only did it NOT free her, it gave her an endless amount of time to dwell on wheels.

His lover, Dannae Mirriam, sat silently beside him; ever unwavering. She was of Romani descent, though she did not know the ways of the gypsy. She was beautiful and independent. A trait passed down from her gypsy father. Her amber eyes were all the brighter surrounded by cinnamon tan skin, and the blackest black hair. Her dagger eyes peered towards the other side of the table.

In the hot seat, Egan Ballard seemed cool under pressure. His shining green Irish eyes were bright despite his crow's feet. Disheveled brown hair draped randomly across his face, intertwining with a long scraggly beard.

Beside him, Mitzy Velasquez clearly shared Danna's sentiments, glaring towards Egan intently. She was clearly turned at a very young age. Her doe eyes were brown, though the look on her face said that they should be burning red. Bright purple hair and shining piercings gave her a sinister look, even for her soft features. At the age of twelve, she was kidnapped and sold on the black market as a slave to a man who had a taste for young flesh. Jeane Lambourne saved her from certain life enslavement after being invited to the man's house for a party of some sort. He was looking for the bathroom, and ended up in the cellar, stumbled upon her holding cell, and they had a talk. He gave her the strength to get back at her captors, and to escape her slaver. He told her where she could contact him afterwards if she wanted to learn the ways of vampires. A few scars from torture and unspeakable acts by her master remain, but she soldiers on.

Beside her was a mountain of a man. Magnus Drixton had features that could only be described as "sherman tank". Broad shoulders framed a barrel chest, and square jaw. Sloping forehead aside, he was a quick-witted being. A thundering voice betrayed his silver tongue, leaving all assumptions of "cave man" off the table. To his right stood an irate Frenchman.

*BAM* His fist shook the huge table slightly.

"Zerr 'as to be somezing more we can do! She's been inside zerr for a month visout checking in!" yelled Jeane Lambourne. He couldn't help but want to save Ayumi. Peering out behind his words was the obvious pepe-le-pew kind of infatuation he held for her ever since they first met.
A thin moustache lined his upper lip, while a small patch of scruff lined the bottom of his chin. His black hair was slicked back, other than the small piece that dislodged and waved towards his eye. He huffs the hair out of his eye, and punctuates his sentence with a nod of the head.

"Yeah, this was your idea Egan, why don't you figure out how to get her free!?" punctuates Mitzy, always on his side.

"I don't see how this is my fault…"

"Calm down, everyone! Futu-ti mortii mati!" exclaimed Segesvár. "I'm getting tired. Let's all work together here!"

Cassandra interjected timidly, "If I may, I've gained access to maps of the underground holding chambers. Perhaps we could organize a rescue, now that we know where we are going…"

"That could actually work. I doubt she would ever give us up, no matter if they tortured her or not." Gordon continued Cassandra's sentence. "So they would have no idea anyone was coming."

"Yeah, and with the right tactics, we could pull her out without raising a single alarm. Besides, I've been waiting to get a crack at someone from that company. I'm TIRED of how they put their filthy tendrils into matters they have NO right to mettle with." thundered Magnus.

Egan twittered gruffly, "But what about the guards? They are posted in every room. We can get past the detection systems with Cassandra's hacks, but the human element still remains!"

"You just let me at em'." Magnus grumbled.

Jeane blurted, "We can't forget that it was your idea to send her in without our consent. Why do we need to hear what you have to say?"

"Because it was HER idea, too, and she had a once in a lifetime chance to get it done. We had no time to put it through a fucking vote! Stop demonizing me and let's get her back to safety!"

"I guess you might be right. Well let's put something down on paper here."

The coven fell back to their inside voices, and started to converse. Throughout the night, they finished laying down their plan.

The next night, they would go in through a secret hatch used to evacuate CEOs to a helipad. On the way down, there were only two guards to worry about. An easy task.

Further down was a choke point where they would toss a few flash-bangs, and let Magnus and Gordon do their worst. Past that, the security checkpoint leading underground would be awaiting Jeanes word, when Cassandra would hack the switch.

After that, it was a simple matter of bonking a few patrols on the way to cell number 113-A, where Prisoners numbered 4379 and 4392 were held. One Ayumi Hattori, and a man named Daniel Strachan.

The one named Daniel would have a chance at freedom. The covens yearly "good deed".
Once they were retrieved, it was a simple matter of retracing their footsteps to the helipad, covering their tracks while hauling the subdued guards, and hitting the "Orkin" van for a hasty retreat to their mansion in the hill.

There, they would place the guards into the holding cell, giving them a taste of their own medicine. The torture would be a chore, for some, and a treat for Magnus. . .

Once they let out all they could, it would be a sweet treat of real human blood. A happy change from the usual cloned blood they kept on hand in the vault.

Now, they knew what had to be done. It was all just a matter of time now. A matter of time before they would set her free.

Chapter 2: New faces, old stories.

Chapter 2
New Faces, Old Stories.

Her name is Ayumi Hattori. A vampire. She was turned at the age of 20 years old, and has been a vampire for twice that, yet she looks as if she were in her early twenties. Hair, white as a ghost; eyes, as cold and blue as the depths of a glacier. Japanese in descent, stern in demeanor, she looks like a priceless work of art chiseled out of fine marble. Yet, behind the facade of cold heartlessness, and the ageless intelligence in her eyes lies a girl who's been robbed of her youth, yearning for understanding, adventure. . . and sometimes, love.

She belongs to a coven of vampires who are battling against a company that uses their blood in experiments. This company is known as United Technologies. United Technologies is a government contracted military company "specializing in diversified defense routes and biotechnological warfare weaponry".

After infiltrating this company in the guise of a young chemistry student on an internship, she was found accessing top secret files from her desktop computer. Once found, she was immediately "interrogated" in "a constitutional and humane manner", and thrown in a cell in an underground jail facility after keeping her lips sealed. Now, after days melded into one another, without contact with her coven, without a drop of blood to drink, she was getting tired, despondent, and isolated. She didn't need to feed yet, but she could feel the life slowly being sapped away. She needed to escape.

Shortly before the guards normally toss in some sort of cheap TV dinner and a glass of tapwater, the door opens.

The guards toss in a young man, and close the door tightly. He looked as if he were in his early twenties with brown hair, a goatee, and a few piercings. As he lay face down, she could hear his breathing, slow and involuntary.

*He must be tranquilized! I wonder where the hell they dragged him from.* She thought to herself.

*He was probably minding his own business when some of their ridiculous experiments ended up beating his door down. He probably survived only to be dragged away to this fucking cell. Poor guy.*

She already knew his whole story, already knew what he was in for. And yet there was something odd about him. She could smell in on his skin, radiating from his breath. What was it?
She couldn't quite place it. . .

He started to mumble incoherently. The moonlight from the tiny sliver of what could be considered a window shone on his face as he flipped over in a trance sleep.

*That's it! I know that smell! He's kindred. Descended from werewolves. He's definitely older than 10, when his tribe would take him through his first change. So what is going on? I guess I'll have to find out when he wakes up. The suspense is killing me!*

In this world, werewolves and vampires are just like humans. Some good, some bad, but most are just stuck in between, trying to make a living. She thought about him, and where she would take him if she could just break out of this hell. She sits up on the bed, staring at him, wondering silently as the tranquilizers slowly run their course.

There was a pack of werewolves living close to where her coven hid during times of duress. During the full moon, she and her elder, Segesvár, would join them around the fire. The pack seemed to be a little rough around the edges, but warm and welcoming at the same time. Perhaps she could introduce him, and help him become what he truly is inside. The thought warmed her heart, and gave her hope. A goal. A reason to break out. God will he ever wake up?

"Uugh. What the fuck. . . " He suddenly groaned while reaching up to his head.
She was caught in mid-thought. *What should I say?*

"You're awake! I thought you'd sleep forever." She says, surprised at her statement, almost forgetting what her own voice sounded like.

"Where am I? Who are y. . . " He stops in mid-sentence as he looks up at her, in awe.

"You're in an underground jail facility run by a company called United Technologies, and I'm a fellow jailmate, if you will. You can call me Ayumi. Is. . . something wrong?" She noticed he was staring blankly at her. Mustering up all of her courage, she resists blushing.

"S. . . sorry. I'm just a little confused. I was trying to get to sleep, when all of a sudden. . . "

"When all of a sudden you were attacked by zombies. Right?"

"Something like that. My roommates were playing drinking games out in the kitchen when they broke right through the front door. I picked up my handgun and shot most of them, but one of my roommates is dead, and the other. . . I have no idea." He said, in disbelief of his own words.

"They're both probably zombies, too. They probably put you in here to cover their tracks. You know the story. . . damage control. I'm sorry. It sounds like we've got a lot to talk about. So what's your name?"

"My names' Daniel Strachan."

{Creeeak} The meal door opens, and two crummy dinners are placed beside two lukewarm cups of tap water.

For a few seconds, the jail cell is silent. Then, silence gives way to more conversation, more explanation, more questions. Ayumi explains United Technologies to him. Their sinister ways, deceptive plans, and dark secrets. She tells him about her vampirism. The relationship between blood, and where UTechs "Zombies" came from. The reason she was stuck in the cell.

Hours turn into days, as they spent time getting to know each other, growing fond of each other, planning their escape.

They speak of why he was always so restless every month, why he didn't belong where he was, and why he had always felt out of place. He tells her what happened to his father, the day that Ayumi was assuming he was about to be introduced to his pack. . . the day he should have gone through important changes in his life. The day he should have become a werewolf.

After he learned of his heritage, Ayumi explains how she knows a pack of lycanthropes, and where to find them. They go on to plan a meeting with the pack, in hopes that they might take him under their collective wing, and teach him the ways of his people.

A few more days pass, as they plan, strategize, and come up with blank after blank, wondering just how to get out of this dreadful imprisonment. Waiting patiently. Watching for signs of weakness from the guards.

Finally. . . they had it all figured out. They knew what had to happen. It was all just a matter of time now. A matter to time before escape. Before freedom.

Chapter 1: The battle, not the war.

Chapter 1
The battle, not the war.

I couldn't get to sleep again. Again. For my whole life, I struggled with bouts of insomnia, anxiety, and all other sorts of tiny problems that most people would smirk at. I'd get fidgety, fly off the handle easily, and I had no idea why. When I was a kid, the doctors couldn't figure out why I couldn't sleep. Once a month it happened. Every month. The kids at school called me Aunt Flo. Some stupid joke about getting my period.

The day before my fifteenth birthday, my father told me that he could tell me why I have these problems. He said we were going on a trip to the mountains. He said I was going to find myself, and return to town a new man. Sadly, he was attacked by a pack of wolves when we set up camp. He died that night, and I had to find my way back home on my own. To this day, I can't figure out what he wanted to show me that night.

And now. . . I still can't get to sleep. The pale rays of the full moon peek through my window shade, illuminating me with a soft light. Thoughts race through my head. I can't even start to organize where my mind is leading me.

Oh. I almost forgot to introduce myself, dear reader. How can one read a tale, if they can't even picture a single character?

My name is Daniel Strachan; I'm 23 years old, with brown eyes and brown hair. I've got a descent muscular build. It seems like I can eat everything in sight and still not gain a pound. Due to my boyish looks, I look a lot younger than I really am, which kind of sucks. So, anyways, back to my story.

As I lay, silent, hearing every little creak and ruffle of leaves outside my window, everything seems to fall silent. Too silent. For a few seconds, all I hear is my breathing.
Not even my roommates playing their never-ending drinking game in the kitchen. Then all of the sudden, a loud CRACK from the front door. Instinctively, I throw some clothes on in the dark. As I sprint out the bedroom door, I pick up my handgun, then sprint down the hallway.

"Jesus christ, what the fuck!" Screams my roommate Jim.
"Fuckin' zombies, dude. Get a weapon or something!" I hear from Zeb as I turn the corner to the living room.

Four decaying creatures are hobbling towards my roommates, riddled with bullet-holes and slash marks. They seem to be wearing hospital smocks with numbers stamped on the breast.

Jim starts toward the kitchen knives, "I'm about to shit my pants, dude. . . get a goddamn weapon! FUCK!"
"Blunt weapons work best against the living dead, Jim. Remember?" Says Zeb.
"How can you keep your cool right now?" says jim as Zeb picks up a chair.
"Guys, get down, I got this covered!" I say as I take aim for the first of the living dead.
POP. The first shot grazes the closest creature as my roommates hit the floor. He reels back as I keep firing. BLAM, BLAM, BLAM. The second zombie takes two shots in the forehead and drops limp. The first takes another in the throat that explodes out of the back of his neck. I close one eye and take aim once more. BLAMBLAMBLAMBLAMBLAM! The third gets three shots to the chest, and the fourth takes one to the eye socket, as the last round hits the door behind her. She stumbles, but falls onto Jim, as he starts to stab at her. The third seems unphazed by the bullets, as he hobbles closer. I take aim again. BLAM BLAM BLAM click click. The zombie leaves a groan out as the floor rushes up to meet his liquefied brain fragments.

"Get this fuckin' thing off of me! Oh god damnit!" Jim screams as the zombie gnaws on his arm. He tries in vain to shield his face.
"I got you, buddy." Zeb yells as he smashes the chair on her back. The zombie shrugs off the hit, as if in a bloodlust trance. He tries pulling her off, but ends up getting bitten in the neck as both fall backwards.

I stride foreward to help, reaching for a piece of the broken chair, "Shit. Jim, get outta here!"
"Augh. Zeb. Fuck." Jim gasps through bloody breaths as he stabs the beast one more time, in the back of the neck.
The Zombie finally falls limp, a decayed mass of flesh, as I hear the distant sound of a helicopter. CRASH. The windows suddenly crash inward, as dark figures jump in from all angles. The figures look like commandos.
Zeb finally gets back on his feet and starts to speak, but before he can get a single sound out, he's shot. Then again. Darts! I think to myself 'what the hell?' as I feel a stinging in my back. I've been shot, too!

As my vision begins to blur, I see Jim start biting one of the dark characters in the throat. He reels backwards as he's shot multiple times by the commandos. Zeb starts groaning. The sound is familiar. . . like the groans of the other zombies. Are my friends zombies now? Were those real zombies? What is going on?

A million questions slowly dwindle to emptiness, as my vision gives way to blackness. . .

. . . Nothing.


His legs were weighed down by a ton of bricks. For what seems like miles, he ran. He ran until his feet were blistered, spurting blood and dirt, sliced by rocks, jabbed by twigs. He ran until his muscles were burning, until they started to feel like white-hot embers, until they felt as if they would fall out of his skin.

He ran for his life.

The tireless beast shambling towards him felt no pain. It felt no remorse, or anger. No hatred, no sorrow. It only felt one thing; hunger. It was decayed, smelling of rotten death. Eyes shrinking in their sockets, and bone showing through burnt and broken skin.

The autumn morning chill settled into the runners bones as the mist of jack frost drew out what little breath he struggled to exhale. As leaves and frost rose from his footsteps, the forest began to open into a clearing.

Sighting a dirt road leading to a run-down shack, hope begins to grow inside his heart. *A light in the window! Someone is there. Maybe they can help me. All I have to do is run a few more seconds. I can make it!*

Sure steps turn into stumbles, as the bite on his leg began to tingle, and his body started to betray him. Vision began to blur. Thoughts began to decay. *What is wrong with me?*

He was almost there.

There was a man on a rocking chair, his withered face looking like tough leather, smoking cup of coffee and an old dog at his side. He looked the runner over as he stumbled towards him, screaming for help through shrieking breaths and heaving breast.

"Help me! Oh my god... please help me!"

"What's the problem, boy?"The old man grumbles as he gets up from his seat.
"Something. . . Running after me. I don't know what. . . it is. It bit me.You gotta help. . . me. Jesus Christ."

The old man reached for his rifle. "Well sit down and catch your breath for a second. We'll talk about it in a. . . "

A loud groan pierced the thick chill of the clearing, as the beast hobbled fiercly towards both men, a few hundred feet of field separating his gnashing teeth from their throats.
A loaded clip slides into the rifle, as the old man twirls towards the beast. A loud crack follows.

Flesh bursts from the shoulder of the beast.

Not a whimper is heard. Not a single missed footstep.

"You... have to shoot him... in the head! It's... the only... way."The runner can barely speak, as his mind slowly disintegtrates.

BOOM. Another loud crack, as the old man takes a shot at the head. As the bullet rends his face in two, the beast finally hits the ground, twitching and writhing.

"Now what in the hell was that, boy? Are you alright?" The old man says as he turns back towards his porch.

"Uugh. . . that thing ate my friends. I. . . can't. . . feel my legs. Help me. . . I need. . . need. . . " the runners voice trails off as he slumps onto the steps of the porch, exhausted.

"Alright son, just rest up while I get you some water. I'll get some bandages, too."

The runner groans in approval as the old man shuffles into his shack.

A few seconds later, the old man opens up his door to see that the runner is missing. He looks around for a few moments until turning the corner of his shack to find something horrible.
His poor ol' dog leaves out a tiny whimper as the runner takes a last bite out of it's throat.

"What the ffff..." The old man turns to run to his gun. . .

He never makes it.

Precursor. Ideas. Etc.

Yeah. . .
So I've decided to post my latest story on my blog little by little.
I posted the prelude before I put this info on here. Oops.
On my first attempt at using Corel Draw X4, I made what I'm thinking about making into a cover for the story. It's the female main character, Ayumi, sitting on a rock by the ocean. Looks pretty sweet.

The last time I made a story, what I didn't realize that I was going to hit writers block. Perhaps I jumped the gun. I hope nobody was looking foreward to reading it the whole way, but I plan on re-opening the book to finish sometime in the future.

For now, I think it's best not to do what I did the fist time. I've got myself a wealth of characters that aren't real. While a few may be based upon people I know in real life, they are simply made up. I can take the story anywhere I want without making people angry that I haven't quite made "Them" who they really are.

So far, I've written the whole story, all I've got to do is re-read it all, create pictures if I want, and maybe write in a few things to make sure people know what's going on.
It's been fun writing it, tho it's pretty long, and will only get longer if I decide to write in some side-plots and backstory for some of the interesting characters.

The basic premise for this story is that Vampires and Werewolves are real. They live in harmony with each other as well as they can, just like humans. Some fight, some live in the same towns, and some even fall in love with each other.

Werewolves have packs, much like wolves in the wild, however they are comprised of an elder leader, his mate, and up to 20 werewolves who usually al live together in one home. They can live indefinetly, much like a vampire, and barely age. Before they ever learn that they are a werewolf, however, they are for all intents, human. These people who could potentially be werewolves are called kindred. The only way a kindred can turn into a werewolf is by a sacred ritual putting them into a pack. The pack puts a bit of each of their blood into a grail, and then mixes it with sprigs of wolfsbane, which carries an oil on it that would kill a full werewolf if ingested. The kindred then drinks this concoction while the pack chants. After sleeping the night through, the kindred goes through visions and memories of his ancestors while in the fog of his drugged mind. If he can survive the pain and torture of that, then he turns into a werewolf. If not, he is forever just kindred, and perhaps his offspring may be worthy of pack life.

Vampires are a little different than portrayed by most sources. They can stand a little bit of light, and can act perfectly normal for a while until their blood dries up. Afterwards, they have no more of the chemicals and cells in their blood that cause the "Vampiric" virus left. They wither and turn to dust afterwards. So, Vampires can live among us just fine, so long as they keep being in sunlight to a minimum of an hour or two per day. Vampires at large don't normally like the sun, naturally, because of this detail. More traditional vampires live in covens, to protect each other, and for brotherhood. These covens are often lead by a vampire who has lived for a very long time. The only way to become a vampire is to be sucked completely dry of blood, and then for the vampire to replace the ingested blood with her own. She will remain a vampire as the subjects blood is ingested, however, this person must consciously decide to be a vampire, otherwise they painfully die, and the blood dries out.

The main characters are a young man who is kindred, slowly coming into his own, and a japanese girl who is sired into a vampire coven by a very old vampire who has lived since the 12th century. The old vampire wants to teach her all that he knows, because he fears that another vampire from his past will come to kill him soon.

A large corporation known as United Technologies is developing a supersoldier with genes found in vampire blood, however they cannot create this supersoldier correctly. The end product is a zombie-like creature with nothing but it's need for more blood driving it's movements. United Technologie creates these zombies little-by-little and sometimes a few escape, adding a few wild moments to the story.

The werewolf pack that adopts our male main character, and the vampire coven with our other main character end up joining forces to bring down the big corporation, and stop these attacks.
After much preparation and blahdee blah blah, some of the crew infiltrate United Technologies in preparation to expose this horrendous companies' wrong-doings.

What they find in the corporations never-ending underground laboratory is. . . well. . . to be explained later.

Hope you guys enjoy reading it! I really enjoyed writing it, so feel free to actually get your hopes up for this one. I'll post a new chapter whenever I get around to it.

Thoughts. . . comments. . . ? Feel free to say sumthin' about it.

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