Saturday, January 10, 2009

Chapter 4: Bring the big guns.

“I don’t think our plan will work, D. These guards are too smart. They close the hatch too quickly after sliding in the food. I almost lost my arm this time!” says Ayumi, distraught.

“Well, we’ll have to rethink our options, then. . .” Daniels voice trailed off.
Ayumi notices a grin creep onto his face. “What’s wrong?”

“I was just thinking. If I’m stuck in here for the rest of my life, at least I met you. That makes this bearable, or dare I say . . . enjoyable.” He admits, as his grin turns into a warm smile.

“Oh, stop. You’re making me feel like a schoolgirl. Let’s just get some sleep.”

She walks toward him as he lays back into the bed. A look of surprise shows on his face as she climbs on top with him.

“Let’s just keep our hands above the pants. . . ” she whispers, as she lay next to him.

He manages a quiet laugh as he wraps his arms around her. “I guess this means I don’t have to sleep alone as often.”

“Nope. Not all the time.” She mutters as she cracks a smile.

He pulls the cheap woolen blanket over her shoulder as she nuzzles into his chest. Heavy eyes shut, and sleep creeps upon them, shrouding the night.
Covered by the cloudy night, shadowy figures exit the pest control van as a faint blue light exits the sliding door. Abruptly, the door slides shut, and the group shuffles into the side gates of a large United Technologies facility. As they make their way across the walkway past the helipad, one touches the radio device on his hear.

*Let’s get that camera down, Cass.*

From the other side of the radio

*Already there, the door is open too.*

*Thanks Sis* “The coast is clear, guys, let’s do this.” He whispers.

Opening the door, they split into two groups. One group followed further behind the first group on the way to the choke point.

*We’re at checkpoint 1.*

{Slight static crackles in the background} *I’ve got the security on loop, and the door is clear. Go when you’re ready*

*Alright* “Let’s go Magnus.” He whispers, as a svelte Romani woman pulls the door open.

Egan Ballard tosses in two flash-bang grenades in quick succession after the door opens.

+POW! POW!+ Three voices scream from within’.

“Let’s go!” quietly exclaims Jeane, the Frenchman.

Magnus and Jeane enter the room with zip-ties and gags in hand.

A series of fleshy thuds, and concrete smacks, followed by some muffled taps echo from the doorway.

Magnus pokes his head out of the smoky room. “Coast is clear.”

Hustling their pace, the second group enters the room and takes the lead, as the first hides the bodies in a broom closet.

They reach the last security checkpoint after a long flight of stairs.

*Ze second group ‘as reached za door.* Jeane chirps. *Can we get zat door hacked now, my sweet?*

*Keep you head in the game, loverboy. It’ll be open in a second.*

Gordon shoots Jeane a dirty look.

“What?” Jeanes lips slide into a sly grin.

+Click+ The security panel turns green and beeps.

*Got it!*

*Alright, now you might want to work on a diversion somewhere on the other side of the facility.* Mitzy squeals.

*Good idea. How about I trip one of the motion sensors in the archives?*

*That’ll work!* Dannae exclaims.

The first group catches up with the second, and the open the door to a long, institutional looking hallway. Doors litter the sides all the way down until the end drops out of sight.

“Okay. . . the numbers in this one start out at 100-A, and beside us is the guard post. Jean, Magnus, Dannae. Hit em’ up when Cassie sets the diversion. We’ll hit the cells.” Says Gordon.

*Cass? You ready?* Gordon hits his ear mic.

*Yeah. Get into your positions. The guards will probably come running out afterwards. Be ready on my mark.*

*Alright. We’re ready*

*It’ll hit in three. . . . . . one. . . . . . . . two. . . . . . . . . . three. Mark.*

A loud buzz comes from the alarm system. From within the guard station, a commotion erupts. Shortly after, the door shoots open as two guards jet out.

Magnus clotheslines the second as the first gets a pop to the temple with a gun butt. They both stumble to the ground, knocked out, and are quickly tied and gagged.

Dannae slips behind them into the room and starts searching for the door buzzers.
*Hey, we found the room. Buzz us in when you find the button!*.




The couple is awoken by the facility alarm. Daniel konks his head on the ceiling as he jets up.
Ayumi opens her eyes slowly after being woken up.

“What the hell is that?”

Ayumi says groggily, “It’s the alarm. Maybe someone broke out? Check the door!”

Daniel jumps onto the floor and starts towards the door.

+A muffled voice comes from outside the door as he approaches+

“Hey, we found the room. Buzz us in when you find the button!”

He reaches the small window on the door, and peers out to see a group of strange looking people, dressed to the nines in black gear. One is communicating on a throat mic, as he looks toward the window.

He gives Daniel a wink, as he says, “Hey, are you Daniel? We’re here to rescue Ayumi.”

“Hey Ayumi. Your coven is here!” he says, excitedly.

“What? Jesus. Well clear the door!”


The lock on the door opens, and it swings in.

Gordon enters the room and says “Hey, are you alright, Ayumi?”

“Yeah. They tortured me at first, but when they didn’t get anything out of me, they stopped and left me here to rot. Daniel kept me company. Can we bring him, too?”

“He’s cool?”

“Yeah, even more than you know. I’ll explain later.” Ayumi says.

“Let’s go then. Guys, let’s make a hasty retreat!”

Egan hits his mic. *Hey, let’s beat it, guys. Cass, can you cover our tracks?*

*On it.*

The troupe makes their way out, subdued guards and rescued prisoners in tow.

Out they go, into the van, tossing the guards into the rear. The engine starts up, and they hit the road. Cassie un-loops the security camera feeds, and trips another alarm in a room close to where the first one was.

The guards would think the intruder made their way from room to room, dodging sight, and wonder just how they made five guards and two prisoners disappear.

The team made it out safely, and undetected, thanks to a timid hacker, and a solid plan.
Now, they would make it back to the mansion shortly, and there was much to talk about.